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dogface soldiers

Cpl. T3 Howard B. Nickelson
— 3rd Signal Company

Howard Nickelson, one of the five photographers whose story is told on this website kindly allowed this memoir to appear here. Nickelson, from Livingston, Montana, was drafted in 1941 and served with the 3rd Division at Camp Lewis, Washington and Fort Ord, California before landing in Morocco at Fedala in November 1942 as a member of the 10th Engineers. Nickelson was assigned to the 3rd Signal Company on the Anzio Beachhead and was mustered out on points in Salzburg, Austria, two days before the German Surrender.

dogface soldiers

Sgt. T4 Bill Heller
— 3rd Signal Company

This website is presented by Rich Heller, son of 3rd Division photographer William "Pop" Heller whose story is also told on This site provides many links to 3rd Division information past and present. It also links to the Society of the 3rd Division.

dogface soldiers
Staff Sgt. Albert S. Brown — 30th Regiment

Albert S. Brown of Florida joined the 3rd Division in November 1943 on the lines at Cassino. Brown was a staff sergeant with Company H of the 30th Regiment. His eye-witness accounts on Anzio afford a gritty glimpse of the day-to-day life on the bloody beachhead. His skillfully-written memoir also adds a poignant perspective to the action against the Siegfried Line in Rimschweiler and Zwiebrucken.

dogface soldiers
Staff Sgt. Robert Maxwell O'Kane — 7th Regiment

Staff Sgt. Robert Maxwell O'Kane's collected stories from soldiers of B Company, 7th Regiment for a 1997 reunion program. O'Kane came from Dover, New Hampshire receiving two Silver Stars and 2 Purple Hearts during the war. O'Kane later served as a professor at Rutgers University, the University of North Carolina and the University of New Hampshire. These stories are posted with permission of Brooks O'Kane. Included are stories by Robert S. Appell, Jack "Doc" Glover, Daniel Parisi, Tom Carr, Steve "Kov" Kovatch and Harold A. Demaree.

dogface soldiers
Staff Sgt. Charles O. Beardslee — 30th Regiment

Charles Owen Beardslee of Bothell, Washington joined the 3rd Division in time for the November 1942 Casablanca invasion. Beardslee fought through Sicily, Italy, Anzio, France and participated in the 3rd Division's March 1945 assault on the Siegfried Line where he was wounded. Beardslee received two Bronze Stars for his role with an HQ anti-tank platoon in the 30th Regiment's 1st Battalion. He was wounded in March 1945 during the 3rd Division assault on the Siegfried Line. This memoir graciously appears with permission of Greg Beardslee.

dogface soldiers

Captain Russ Cloer — 7th Regiment

An exceptional memoir by Capt. Russ Cloer, I & R Platoon leader, 7th Regiment, 3rd Division. Cloer, from Rosselle Park, New Jersey, entered the Army in June 1943 at age 22 after four years of ROTC at Rutgers University. He joined the 3rd Division at Anzio in February 1944.

dogface soldiers

Pfc. Joseph F. Englert — Company E - 2nd Battalion, 7th Regiment

Pfc. Joseph F. Englert joined the 3rd Division as a replacement prior to the battle at St. Die. Englert, drafted at age 18 in July 1943 from New Orleans, was wounded and captured entering Germany and later liberated by his own division at Heppenheim.

dogface soldiers

Rose M. Toomey
— Everett, Massachusetts

Rose M. Toomey, wife of photographer Bill Toomey, recounts her WWII memories in an excerpt from the book "A Mouth Full of Rivits: Women at Work in World War II", by Nancy Bake-Wise and Christy Wise.

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