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A.R.C. 3rd Division Clubmobile

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3rd Infantry Division Clubmobile

American Red Cross Clubmobiles were welcome sights to troops operating in forward areas in all theaters during WWII. The original Clubmobiles were converted British buses, while the Clubmobiles sent over the Normandy beaches were perched on modified GMC two-and-a-half ton trucks.

In the Mediterranean Theater Clubmobile crews used Dodge delivery sedans, Army weapons carriers, jeeps with trailers and a slew of stitched together trucks of all sorts. This crew, attached to the 3rd Division, used a Dodge 3/4-Ton, 4x4, field ambulance in France and then Germany and Austria. Posing with the Clubmobile is Liz Elliott, Janet Potts, Flo Wick (Clubmobile Captain) and Fritzi Hoagland. It was not until early 1946 during the occupation, that Flo Wick's crew was assigned a hand-me-down GMC Clubmobile.

photo: courtesy Molly Martin/Florence Wick

caption references: 1) Molly Martin/Florence Wick; 2) "At His Side - The Story of The American Red Cross Overseas in WWII" by George Korson - Coward-McCann 1945 3) "Coffee, Doughnuts, and a Witty Line of Chatter" by Kathleen A. Stewart – Lehigh University - 1998; 4) "Girls" in Name Only" by Julia A. Ramsey – Auburn University - 2011; 5) "After All, Who Takes Care of the Red Cross's Morale?" by Paige N. Gulley – Chapman University - 2021.

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