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Another view of Cori, with the surviving bell tower of the Church of San Pietro – destroyed by Allied bombing in 1944 – marking the location of the 89 BC
Temple of Hercules. With the fall of Cisterna and Cori, the breakout from Anzio
was complete. The Fifth Army plan now split VI Corps as the Allied drive to Rome
took shape. The 3rd Division was ordered east towards Artena and Valmontone
with an action intended to trap the retreating German army escaping from
the Gustav Line and an encounter with the Herman Goering Panzer Division heading the rear guard. To the south, The 45th and 34th divisions joined other Fifth Army units moving past Cassino in the pursuit towards Rome 30 miles north.

location: Tempio di Ercole - 41°38'33.4"N 12°54'58.1"E

photo: courtesy Howard Nickelson



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